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Three Kingdoms arriving on 23 Mar 2022

        The times produce heroes, and heroes create the history. In the spring of AD 184, the whole China was in a chaos. As a royal clansman of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bei was intended to save the people and revive the Han Dynasty. He got acquainted with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at Zhuozhou. They have the same ideals and beliefs, then swore brotherhood in the peach garden. Since then, they treated each other with all sincerity, went through fire and water, and established one of the three kingdoms – Shu.

The story of their brotherhood has been told for thousands of years. Nowadays, we collaborate with well-known designing brand, Mighty Jaxx, to launch our first unrivalled collection of the Three Kingdoms Series – “Brotherhood in the peach garden” themed collection whisky.

This collective set contains three bottles of whisky, with Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei as design elements, and filled with single malt whisky from Glen Grant, Glen Keith and Caperdonich distilleries.

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